The full moon shining, out for a hunt,
a dead must be on my account.

I am a werewolf and your destiny
or maybe you are mine.
Either way that fortune will decide
the decision will be fine.

I saw your picture and awakening
a desire never felt before
that all my skills of hunting fail
and I shall die on today’s shore.

How can you be so beautiful
so fascinating and so smart
that all my dark desires
are falling here apart.

Now I can see you in the moon lit night
approaching silent like a shadow
I am ready for the final fight
one of us must end here on this meadow.

In a moment I will rip your unprotected throat
blood over white flesh fills my vision
I grasp a look into your eyes
and over is my mission.

Like a silver bullet your look hits my desire
the shock is raging through my head
setting my mind and soul afire
and I realise the beast in me is dead.

The full moon still shining, naked here I stand
when you leave me now you will also kill the man.