Faster and faster I accelerate
advancing like a fool
the foot straight on the pedal
velocity is cool.

A curve approach, I shift the gear
the break is burning fire
to take the turn with max of speed
that is what I admire.

To fathom limits
with body and soul
that is the spirit
my eternal desire.

That’s why I’m on earth
it’s what life is for
the pulse
is getting higher.

And here she comes
the final straight line
the engine is burning
the victory mine.

But I can not stop
I’m still driven forth
I am starting to fly
I am feeling the force.

Space wait, I’m coming
with maximum speed
into the darkness
all limits exceed.

And then in a moment
silenced all noise
I see the beginning
and the end has no voice.

The engine is starving
there is no more fuel
in a gravestone a carving
my name, that is cruel.

Speed limits exceeded
all races I’ve won
but life didn’t touch me
it’s already gone.